Brothers Jimmy and Paul, along with their best bud Willy, are backyard legends. Their passion for grilling & smoking, a.k.a. BBQ’ing, began before the start of this millennium (circa 1998). Back in the day, their backyard was primetime for friends and family, all gathered around the smoke and flames to get their weekend food fix on.

Over the past 15 years together, bags of charcoal and wood chips came and went, but what always ‘stuck’ to them–besides the smoke, rub, and sauce on their shirts and aprons–was their love and downright obsession for barbecue. Years and years of friends serving as guinea pigs to their evolution of rubs, sauces, and smoke has enabled them to fine tune their BBQing skills to finger lickin’ prominence.

Jimmy, Paul, and Willy knew they had created something special, and wanted to invite the world into their backyard by sharing their creations, and so this trio came together to form Smoked Out BBQ.

No shortcuts. Everything is homemade, with only the finest local ingredients. Smoked Out BBQ signature line includes their sticky-icky-icky Original BBQ Sauce, alongside the best selling Ghost Honey BBQ Sauce–made of 100% pure honey, and scorching hot ghost chili pepper.

Follow your nose and treat yourself to some great Smoked Out BBQ!